Features Overview

PANION is a dedicated veterinary MRI system - designed to provide cost effective clinical diagnostic MR scans for companion pets. It is also an open MRI with large opening gap at 30 cm for easy patient handling and fast patient positioning, and it has strong gradient strength at 25 mT/m & slew rate of 50 T/m/s


Innovation defined: from the Latin innovátus, which means to renew. Innovation can, therefore, be seen as the process that renews something that already exists.

MRI research scientists, engineers and clinical experts have been delivering increasingly impressive MRI  innovations for the past four decades. The lhbrary of MRI innovations has had a most profound effect on the way Radiologists make their diagnosis. Improvements in hardware design and clinical applications have brough MRI scanner technology to an unprecedented level of sensitivity and specificity - enabling early detection and more effective treatment of disease. This paradigm of continuous innovation has (in fact) saved lives, reduced human suffering and reduced the overall cost of delivering healthcare. It is now being applied and offered to the Veterinary community.