Professor Ma Invited to Join Advisory Group of Zhejiang Province Greater Bay Area

Zhejiang, July 30, 2018 – The Zhejiang Government has convened a Greater Bay Area Development Conference. Chaired by Executive Vice Governor Fei Feng, Authorities of Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Federation of Industry and Commerce, Hangzhou city and Ningbo city reported in the conference, while Jiajun Yuan, Governor of Zhejiang Province delivered keynote speech on Greater Bay Area development.

Governor Yuan pointed out that the comprehensive implementation of Greater Bay Area development plan should founded on the existings, eyes on the future, and aims to achieving the 5 missions:

First, major productivity distribution in Greater Bay Area should be scientifically planned and development plans of Greater Bay Area should be highly integrated such that with Hangzhou Bay rim economic zone as the core, development will be able to gradually extend to the whole province;

Second, establishment of Greater Bay Area transportation system should speed up with high standards in building shipping ports, airports, express rail link and highway networks for creating a “One-Hour Commuting Circle” in Hangzhou Bay economic zone;

Third, utmost effort should be put in creating state-of-the-art “Internet+” technologies, building highly innovative platforms, establishing innovation institutions and nurturing and introducing talents;

Fourth, development focuses should be put on sectors such as digital economy, advanced production, intelligent vehicles, biomedical technologies, artificial intelligence, aerospace technologies and other important promising industries to create a range of modern industries. Through developing marine economy to further facilitate integration of city and Bay Area and to establish marine industrial bases making Zhejiang a strong maritime province;

Fifth, level of modernization among cities should be enhanced to help promote development of centre cities and city clusters, targeting a high quality Bay Area.

Governor Yuan Presented Advisory Group Member Certificate to Professor Ma

Governor Yuan Presented Advisory Group Member Certificate to Professor Ma

The conference was held in video conferencing mode, in which appointments of academicians and experts were launched and signing ceremonies for major projects were held. Members of the Advisory Group include academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Chinese Academy of Sciences, and experts of “Thousand Talents Plan” etc. The Advisory Group is responsible for offering advices for decisions, facilitating international cooperation, providing academic support and facilitating university-industry-research collaborations. Professor Qiyuan Ma, CEO of Time Medical Systems was invited to join as a member of the Zhejiang Province Greater Bay Area Development Advisory Group with a 5-year term of service. The first term of Advisory Group runs from 2018 to 2022.

After the conference, Fei Feng, Executive Vice Governor, and authority of Provincial Development and Reform Commission had met with Professor Ma, during which Professor Ma presented the latest developments on bioelectronics, digital health and brain neuroscience. Vice Governor Feng hopes Professor Ma to contribute and make suggestions for the development of Greater Bay Area especially in the aspect of innovative industry.