Time Medical Systems successfully energized the 7T magnet for preclinical MRI

Today, Time Medical successfully energized to full field its first - 7T Horizontal Bore Magnet, in its China Medical City facility. This is an important milestone in the development and manufacturing process of Time Medical's overall MR program and marks the birth of the first Asian-made Ultra-High Field 7T magnet.

Intended for the preclinical, small animal MR research market, this 7T magnet was specially designed with several critical factors: zero liquid helium boil-off; stable magnetic field decay; and high homogeneity. This successful 7T magnet development further demonstrates that Time Medical is an Innovation leader with great potential in many MR areas, such as the ultra-high field MR market. In addition, Time Medical's HTS (High Temperature Superconducting) RF coil technology will greatly enhance the imaging quality of the 7T MR system and surely benefit its client partners working in many diverse - R&D areas.

Ultra high field MR equipment provides MRI, MRS and NMR capabilities for many areas of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical research, commercial and academic. This is a multi-billion US dollar global market.