Received CFDA Approval for its first DR product

Designed and developed by Anhui Time Medical Imaging Technology Co., Ltd., the digital radiography (DR) x-ray imaging system -- RORA 3000, is targeted to higher level and more demanding x-ray applications and clinical users. 

RORA 3000’s large-capacity, high-quality x-ray tube ensures low dosage x-ray exposure, yet offers highest level image quality even under heavy workload requirements, satisfying clinical applications for mid- and high-end hospitals. 

The R & D team developed TM’s first DR product at an accelerated pace. The CFDA approval of RORA 3000 within a year from start is a noteworthy accomplishment and milestone for Time Medical. This new DR product advances TM’s product portfolio as a leading medical imaging equipment player, and also satisfies the demand of many customers both in China and other Global markets.