Global Sales and Orders for PICA MRI Systems continue to grow with over 200 Customer Commitments

In 2011, Time Medical Systems launched the PICA Open MRI System.  The PICA is approved for clinical MRI diagnostic utility and commercial sale by the US FDACE in European Union andCFDA in China. In March 2014, PICA MRI System achieved first accreditation by the American College of Radiology (ACR). This important milestone sets the MRI providers in US to receive reimbursement from Medicare, and other payers, for their MRI services.  

Time Medical Systems pursues global scientific, technological and clinical excellence to develop the world’s most sensitive and accurate MRI systems for detecting major illnesses.  Since the first launch, PICA systems have been installed in numerous locations including world- renowned hospitals, such as University of California San Diego Health System and Beijing Hospital.

In May 2013, the PICA product launch for the USA was initiated at the diagnostic imaging center of UCSD. Now the customer commitments in US have reached over 80 units. Time Medical Systems entered the Indonesian market in 2012, when the Ministry of Health selected 9 PICA systems in a highly competitive bid process.   Time Medical Systems has also successfully entered the following countries to launch the PICA MRI systems: Argentina, Chile, Hungary, India, Pakistan and South Korea. So far, Pica has received over 150 order commitments from US and International markets as well as 60 orders in China. The PICA has shown to be extremely stable with consistent and highly reliable performance.  Some hospitals in China perform diagnostic MRI procedures on over 20 patients daily, using the PICA.

The total PICA customer order-commitments now exceeds 200 units after launching to the market late 2011.  With over 40 PICA systems installed worldwide, there have been no recalls or system failure reports.  PICA’s success is not only appreciated by the small diagnostic clinic market, but is now also recognized by the academic market segment. Renowned researcher in Radiology  - Professor William Bradley, Jr., former president of International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and current Chairman of the Radiology department at University California San Diego, has acknowledged, “PICA is now the best open MRI system available.”