President Hu Jintao Met with Professor Qiyuan Ma, CEO of Time Medical Systems

Taizhou, Jiangsu Province, China, December 28, 2012 -- China President Hu Jintao visited China Medical City (CMC) and met with Professor Qiyuan Ma, CEO of Time Medical Systems at CMC achievement exhibition.  Professor Ma reported the background of Time Medical Systems to President Hu that the team was originated from Columbia University and Harvard Medical School.  Professor Ma introduced to President Hu about a number of world-class innovative products developed by Time Medical Systems: the cost-effective PICA whole body MRI system which is particularly suitable for developing countries and the 6,000 county-level hospitals in China; the first orthopedic MRI system in Asia which is applicable to orthopedic dept and sports centers in hospitals; and the world's first neonatal MRI systems for neonate diagnosis which is available to the 4,000 children hospitals in the world.  Time Medical Systems is determined to be the leading company in the field of dedicated diagnostic equipment.  President Hu showed his interest towards the advantages of the products, especially on the performance and technical specification of the neonatal MRI system and incubator.  

Professor Ma demonstrated Time Medical Systems' unique product / technology, the High-Temperature Superconducting (HTS) coil, President Hu encouraged Time Medical Systems to adhere to the "Independent Innovation" route, and create first-class products for the general public.  "We are fully confident of building a world class brand in the CMC!" replied Professor Ma.