Management Team



Prof. Q.Y. Ma
Group Chairman, CEO, Co-founder

Prof. Q.Y. Ma, a renowned leader in the fields of microelectronics and biomedical engineering. 

Prof. Ma has more than 20 years of transnational research and commercialization experience to his credit. He has published over 200 research papers and holds more than 30 patents.  He earned his Ph. D. from Columbia University in New York City, where he maintains his position as associate professor of engineering.  He also is an associate professor of radiology at Harvard Medical School and Deputy director of the Jockey Club MRI Centre at the University of Hong Kong.  Prof. Ma has a rich history of collaboration with leading biomedical device manufacturers and prestigious healthcare institutions in the U.S. and China.


Simon Yeung
Group COO, Co-founder

Simon has over 20 years of experience in MRI system development, with extensive operational, commercial and industrial experience across healthcare markets in USA, Europe & China.  He has overseen TM's entire supply chain, service and support.  He also oversees the development of ProdivaX, and is driving the company's deep learning initiatives including AIKit, which is aimed at simplifying medical and health clinical needs.  He is an expert in U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and China FDA (CFDA), Europe CE (EMA) regulatory and compliance.

Simon holds a Master's degree in EEE (Bio-Medical), and graduated with First Class Honor in Computer Engineering in the University of Hong Kong.  He was a Visiting Scholar at Columbia University in NYC specialized in Ultra High Field Chemical Shift Imaging  (CSI), Harvard Medical School, and the Jockey Club MRI Engineering Center, University of Hong Kong, specialized in orthopedics imaging for equestrian needs.

His interest is developing specialized MRI system dedicated for equine healthcare.

Eric Gao4.jpg

Dr. Eric Gao
Group CTO, Co-founder

Educated at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Dr. Gao received his Ph.D. degree in 1989. From 1989 to 1995 he was an associate professor at the school, and from 1996 to 2000 he was a research scientist at Columbia University, studying HTS devices and applications in MRI. Dr. Gao served as CTO of a medical device company in the U.S. before joining Time Medical. He has more than 30 years of R&D experience behind him along with 25 years working with MRI.


Johnson Chong
SVP - Product Development, Co-founder

Johnson is responsible for all design at TM, including look and feel of TM systems, as well as new ideas and future initiatives.

Since 2000, Johnson is dedicated in developing award winning products, which is widely regarded as one of the world's best.  He is also specialized in system development, optimization and commercialization as well as regulatory application such as FDA, SFDA, CE. Mr. Chong serves as a system consultant to a major China medical device company before joining Time Medical Systems.

Mr. Chong graduated from The University of Hong Kong. He was a Research Engineer at The Jockey Club MRI Engineering Centre at The University of Hong Kong from 2000 to 2004, focusing on system and image reconstruction methodology development.


Albert Yeung
SVP - Production & Service

Albert joined TM in 2011 as head of production and service and in 2015 he was named SVP of Production and Services.

Albert has over 30 years of experience in field service support, installation, and after-sales service of medical imaging in the Asia-Pacific region.  

Prior to TM, Albert served as the Supervisor of Service and Maintenance Department (Asia Pacific) for General Electric, and Field Application Engineer (Asia Pacific) for Phillips Healthcare, before joining Time Medical.  He holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and an MBA from University of South Queensland.


Dr. Yuri Wedmid
SVP - Business Development, America

With over 30 years of experience in product development, sales and marketing in MRI products, Dr. Wedmid worked for the MR Division of General Electric Healthcare USA before joining Time Medical. He is responsible for marketing, sales and business development in the US and American markets. He holds a PhD in Biochemistry from Rutgers University.


Alec Leung
VP - International Sales & Marketing

Alec has 20 years of marketing, sales and management experience in various industries globally, including 10 years at TM in various marketing management positions; as the VP of OEM Product Marketing with global brands like Nike and Adidas. He has been in the medical field especially in the MRI market and established extensive connections in USA, China, South East Asia, South Africa and Latin America.

Alec is a distinguished guest speaker in many Asia Veterinary Expo.  With his extensive knowledge addressing daily veterinary diagnostic problems and frustration last generation product facing, he earned customers' trusts and expands Time Medical MRI business rapidly into veterinary market and successfully dominate the market in Hong Kong and China.  He also possesses knowledge in veterinary MRI applications as well as providing application training to veterinary hospitals. 

Alec has served over 10 years in TM since the beginning.


Derek Kwok
VP - Cloud Application , Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Platform

Derek holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from University of Waterloo, where he graduated with First-Class Honours and was awarded with Dean's list.  Derek worked in a number of engineering roles in Canada and Japan, primarily in advanced image processing.  Derek moved to Hong Kong in 2010, where he began his journey as an imaging engineer in TM, and with his humble but outstanding, dedicated and sustainable commitment and service in Time Medical, he gradually became the VP of medical software application and sooner became the VP of artificial intelligence and deep learning.  Derek has served over 8 years in TM and he's one of our most respectable colleagues.


Mandy Yip
Group Company Secretary

Mandy has over 15 years experience in healthcare industry.  She's responsible for governance structures and mechanisms, corporate conduct within an company's regulatory environment, board, shareholder and trustee meetings, compliance with legal, regulatory and listing requirements, the training and induction of non-executives and trustees, contact with regulatory and external bodies, reports and circulars to shareholders/trustees, management of employee benefits such employee share schemes, insurance administration and organisation, the negotiation of contracts, risk management, property administration and organisation and the interpretation of financial accounts.  Mandy has served over 10 years in TM since the beginning.